Infrared Space Heater

infrared heaterInfrared heaters use electricity or other fuels to heat up a filament which emits infrared light. This appliance uses reflectors to direct the light energy onto an area or object. Other infrared heaters emit the light energy directly onto the targeted area or object. When the area or object absorbs the light energy produced by the filament, it is heated up. If you want to know more about this appliance before deciding to purchase one, then you’ve come to the right place. Here you will find useful information about these heaters such as their features, functions and benefits.


These devices have a coil filament inside them. The coil filament is often made of carbon, iron, or tungsten alloys. This coil filament is usually protected by a glass tube made of quartz and filled with inert gas. Some coil filaments are embedded in ceramic instead of a quartz glass tube. When this heating appliance is switched on, the coil filaments emit an infrared light. The light energy produced by the machine is then emitted toward a built-in fan for convection heating, emitted directly onto an area or object, or emitted onto a reflector that directs the light energy onto a conducting surface.


These devices are used in both commercial and industrial applications. They are used in commercial applications such as aviation hangar heating, warehouse heating, and construction heating. Industrial applications include drying paint and molding plastics for various industrial products. These devices also have consumer uses such as incubator heat lamps, dry saunas, convection ovens, portable space heaters, and patio heaters.


The types of infrared heaters include quartz tubes, quartz lamps, metal tubular, and ceramic emitters. The coil filaments of these appliances can be powered by propane, natural gas, or electricity. The different types vary in wavelength, operating temperature, efficiency, durability, and cost. Make sure to check the heater type before buying to determine if it is the one you need. Check the operating temperature and see if it is hot or warm enough for your needs because some infrared heating appliances are too hot to be used as incubator heat lamps, dry saunas, or patio heaters.


The sun uses infrared rays to heat up the Earth. Therefore, the light energy emitted by an infrared heater is the same as the infrared rays of the sun and it has the same effects. Many people buy these heating appliances because they warm up objects the same way that the sun’s rays do. The rays produced by these heating appliances are easily absorbed by objects in your home. The objects are warmed up by the rays and gently increase the room’s overall temperature. The end result is a room that feels as warm as a nice summer day. The heat generated by these appliances is gentle and safe. Animals and children can touch this appliance without being burned, making it an ideal heater for homes with very young children or pets.

Many people use these appliances for warming up the environment because they are more energy efficient than other heating appliances. They allow you to save 30% to 50% on heating costs. These heating appliances also produce draft-free heat and they are quieter than other types of heating appliances while running. These machines also have no carbon combustion and are environmentally friendly, so you also help the environment by using infrared heaters. These heating devices are also perfect for first-time owners who are not technically savvy because they need minimal maintenance and are easy to install. You won’t have a problem looking for an infrared heater that fits the size or style of your room or home, because they come in various styles, sizes, and designs.

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